Renin Bilginer (b.1993) is a contemporary artist from London, with dual British and Turkish heritage. Renin graduated from The University of Brighton in 2019 and is currently studying MA Painting at the Royal College of Art. In 2019, she exhibited at Hove Museum and Art Gallery, The Truman Brewery and was selected for Hastings Art Forum's Rising Talent show. In 2020 she was selected for the Zabludowicz Collection exhibition Women’s Lockdown Art. Recent exhibitions include RCA WIP 2022, RAW  at Soho Revue, Otherlandz at Devonshire Square and Voices for Love at Prior Art Space, Barcelona.

Artist Statement


Rooted within the context of her matrilineage and mixed cultural heritage, Renin’s practice explores notions of fantasy and escape, whilst interrogating what it means to exist as a woman between Eastern and Western cultures. Influenced by Eastern miniature painting and textiles, Renin’s vibrant narrative compositions explore the parallel worlds of her mythologised experiences and her imagined alternative realities. In the creation of exotic fantasy landscapes, the work explores the possibility of a female utopia free from patriarchal systems, whilst confronting issues surrounding womanhood, non-conformity and multiple identities. 


Materiality plays a vital role in supporting the narrative context of Renin’s practice. Whilst using mixed media to achieve a multitude of painterly shifts, the work retains a flatness that echoes the visual language of miniature painting. Her practice investigates how painting can evolve, expand and move away from traditionally male-centric modes of presentation. Through a culmination of experimentations with dyed, unstretched fabric and the manipulation of its structural form, Renin’s work investigates and subverts the historical association between women, femininity and textile crafts. Her most recent installation-paintings invite the viewer to physically move through the narrative and explore it from multiple perspectives, with the intention of creating a more immersive experience of painting.